About NearlyKilled.me

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NearlyKilledMe is a project by Nathan Hinkle, a Portland native who also created The Bike Light Database. This site was created in response to a surge in serious injuries to bike riders in the Portland, OR area in May 2015, all of which were caused by illegal actions by people driving motor vehicles. Dangerous drivers risk the lives around them every day, and local transportation and law enforcement agencies do not give chronic and willful disobedience of basic traffic laws the attention it deserves.

Reports submitted to this site are sent to transportation agencies in the Portland, OR area weekly. We are currently working with software developers, active transportation advocacy groups, and government agencies to develop technology for transportation hazard reporting and near miss tracking. If you are interested in these subjects, please send me an email and we will discuss how you can get involved.

This site is very much a work in progress, and I invite any suggestions or feedback. You can contact me via @nearlykilledme on twitter or by email via reports <AT> nearlykilled <DOT> me.